At Spectrum Quality Assurance we love working with Nashville startups. We work with growing tech companies of all stages and sizes to get your code to production while mitigating risks (cough: hotfixes) and ensuring customers continue to love and use your product. We work hard so when you leave the office you can enjoy the your favorite local artist, instead of asking yourself, “Are we ready for Thursday’s deploy?”

We offer 3 levels of Quality Assurance services. First, we’ll help you test to get through your upcoming milestone or your next round of funding. Next, we’ll take a look at your release management process. We’ll celebrate the deployment strategies which are working, and then we’ll triage areas in the Agile process needing improvement.

Lastly, one of the most powerful services we provide to Nashville companies like yours is when we mentor a superstar from your customer support team (or someone outside of the Engineering team) with our best Quality Assurance testing practices so you have a solution long after we part ways.

Bonus Points: It’s an easy way to facilitate a culture where people are promoted internally and help with employee retention.

“Their talent in communication, prioritization, organization, and reporting are the best I have worked with”

            – Megan, Software Engineer

Ship with Confidence

Let us handle the exploratory, regression, and feature testing. When we sign off, you’ll have confidence your code is ready for your customers. 

Improve the Process

Shipping with predictability is challenging even for the largest of companies. Startups are no exception. We’ll work to implement release management best practices that fit the way your team operates. There is no one-size fits all. 

Promote from Within

Are you wondering how happens after Spectrum leaves? We’ve already thought of that. While its great to have team help test, what’s the long-term solution if your organization can’t afford 3 senior testing engineers? We’ll mentor someone of you choosing with our best practices. 

Ship with Confidence

Let us handle exploratory, regression, and functional testing. When we sign off, you’ll have confidence your product is ready to ship.

Improve Product Quality

We’ll partner with your team to find bugs and threats, and suggest improvements to your product.

Add Testing Capacity

Whether you have no internal QA team or you need to augment your testing resources to meet a deadline, you can count on us. Our team will dynamically scale based on your needs and seamlessly integrate with your existing bug tracking solution to maximize productivity.

Make a Difference

We primarily employ individuals on the Autism spectrum. People with high-functioning Autism are uniquely suited for digital testing because they don’t fatigue from repetition, and are exceedingly forthright with their results. The early data is showing up to a 50% increase in finding bugs when stacked against our industry peers. You’ll reap the benefits of having superior testers working for you.

Would you like more confidence in your next release?

Ready to fix your QA?